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Summer Lovin’ with Kaskade

4 Mar

Kaskade Summer Lovin' 2013 ResidencyHot off the press release! Marquee Nightclub & Dayclub will have  Fire & Ice Grammy-nominated DJ Kaskade host SUMMER LOVIN’ starting in May and ending in August. That’s 12 weeks of daylife poolside and nightlife in the club at the Nightclub & Bar number one ranked venue in the nation.

If you live for electronic dance music there are VIP “All Summer Long” packages for diehards:

Package 1 ($900 pp): Move to the front of the line and get a commemorative ticket package mailed to your home.

Package 2 ($18,500 pp): Terrace Studio two night accommodation, VIP entry and premium open bar for two people with a personal room coordinator at the hotel and a personal host at Marquee Nightclub & Dayclub with available table upgrades and a commemorative mailed ticket package.

Package 3 ($25,000 pp): Premium wraparound Terrace Suite two night accommodation, VIP entry and premium open bar for two people with a personal room coordinator at the hotel and a personal host Marquee Nightclub & Dayclub with available table upgrades and a commemorative mailed ticket package.

For reservations email: allsummerlovin@marqueelasvegas.com.

Summer Lovin’ with Kaskade at Marquee Nightclub & Dayclub
The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas
3708 Las Vegas Blvd. South
(702) 698-7000

NIGHTCLUB                                                                       DAYCLUB

Saturday, May 4                                                               Sunday, May 5    

Saturday, May 18                                                             Sunday, May 19  

Saturday, May 25                                                             Sunday, May 26    

Saturday, June 1                                                               Sunday, June 2    

Saturday, June 8                                                               Sunday, June 9    

Saturday, June 22                                                            Sunday, June 23 

Saturday, July 6                                                                 Sunday, July 7    

Saturday, July 20                                                              Sunday, July 21      

Saturday, August 3                                                          Sunday, August 4    

Saturday, August 10                                                        Sunday, August 11    

Saturday, August 17                                                        Sunday, August 18    

Saturday, August 31                                                        Sunday, September 1    


VEGAS Saturday Nights

12 Jun

Last week, I was pleasantly surprised to receive an invitation to the VEGAS Magazine 9th Anniversary party hosted by GRAMMY Awardwinning artist Kelly Rowland at the Boulevard Pool at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. I haven’t attended an anniversary party for the publication since March 2008 when I last worked with Greenspun Media Group as a publicist in the marketing department. I was looking forward to attending because I knew it was going to be a reunion of sorts seeing former colleagues.

Originally, my handsome other half, James, and I were hosting a cocktail party I themed Rieslings & Rosès’ (a theme he laughs at, but that’s a future post), anyway, we decided to post pone it when half our list was already committed to attending the event. We started out having dinner with Nevada Ballet Theatre PR dynamo Jenn Kratochwill and her husband Chris at Sen of Japan, a hidden gem I found by a simple Google search and a place I’ve driven by many times over the years and never stopped to try it out. My mistake! It has some of the freshest sushi I’ve tasted in a long while. My other favorite forward thinking place is Sushi Wa in Henderson (Try both. You’ll thank me later.)

After dinner we head to the Strip amidst thousands of other party-goers heading to either the Electric Daisy Carnival at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, the Manny Pacquiao vs. Timothy Bradley fight at the MGM Grand or this party. Not to mention all the beauty industry peeps in town for the International Beauty Show (IBS Las Vegas.) To say it was a madhouse at every stop is an understatement.

Once we finally find a parking space deep beneath the resort, we make our way to the East Deck. As soon as I walked in I run into friends/coworkers from back in the day: Josef Vann who is now publisher, the very bubbly bride-to-be Katy Ball, and former Kirvin Doak superstars Michele St. Angelo and Kala Peterson. The list goes on.

After a night in the wind, we are all starving and head to Secret Pizza. It’ was now close to 2am and I had no more energy which made me grouchy. Needless to say, my feet ached the next day after seven hours in 5 inch heels, but it was worth it!

Thanks for reading.

Adrienne xo

Thank You for the Dance Donna Summer

17 May


Donna Summer

December 31, 1948 – May 17, 2012

I love disco. I grew up in the 70s when it was a staple at the roller rink (I was too young for the dance clubs. I was only in elementary school), but I made sure as I got older (fifth grade) I would represent the fashion by wearing my friend Lisa Garrison’s rainbow heeled platform tennis shoes (my mother was never going to buy me a pair no matter how much I begged), my skin-tight electric blue satin pants with matching jacket (think Olivia Newton John as ‘Sandy’ at the end of the movie “Grease”) and a lot of Vaseline on my lips to make them shiny (I was not allowed to wear lip gloss until sixth grade.)

I also  had my boom box set to KLAV AM, then Disco 1-2-3 KLAV, so I could boogie as I got ready for school or my big night out at Crystal Palace Skating Rink. All great memories from childhood with a soundtrack to flashback to innocent fun.  Here are my four favorite songs by Donna Summer.

Rest, peace, and comfort everlasting.

Dim All the Lights

Last Dance

On the Radio

Mac Arthur Park


Thank You for Reading.

Adrienne xo

Chris Brown’s Grammy Backlash Turned Twitter Tantrum

16 Feb

Chris Brown had another Twitter tantrum. I am not surprised. He has a lot of backlash from his appearance and win at the Grammys. Is it fair? That is not for me to decide, however, I don’t recall massive outrage from Miranda Lambert when other musicians were in the news for domestic violence and were either nominated, won or performed on the Grammys. What I find hypocritical, I am sure Miranda Lambert and his other naysayers have attended many an award show, applauded, posed, talked, and had a good time with people who have been in the same appalling situation.

(photo credit: Great American Country)

Chris Brown is young, handsome, and talented with major anger management issues. That is obvious; yet, all of his critics seem to forget he is in the process of satisfying the courts and is working hard to redeem himself and is still under court ordered supervision. Controlling anger will more than likely be a lifelong process for him.

Country star Rodney Atkins (American Country Music Awards winner) struck a deal to avoid jail time for allegations of trying to suffocate his wife last year; Mötley Crüe has been nominated four times for a Grammy and drummer Tommy Lee spent six months in jail for beating Pamela Anderson Lee; Guns N’ Roses was nominated three times and lead singer Axel Rose had to pay his ex-model girlfriends Erin Everly ($1 million) Stephanie Seymore ($400,000) for physical altercations during their relationships; country music’s Tracey Lawrence was arrested in Las Vegas for hitting his wife Stacie Lawrence; even Eminem and the  late ‘Godfather of Soul’ James Brown made headlines over the years. The list goes on.

(photo credit: NationNews.com)

It’s been reported; Rihanna, the woman who actually suffered the assault and the only person whose opinion he should care about has forgiven him and invited him to her recent birthday party. Miranda Lambert should learn the lesson on forgiveness from RiRi.

Do you agree with the backlash from Chris Brown performing at the Grammys?

Thank you for reading.

Adrienne xo

Why I Appreciate Whitney Houston

11 Feb

Me & Serina circa early 90s in her birthday suite at MGM Grand Hotel & Casino

I remember being able to see Whitney Houston in concert as a gift from my best friend Serina (one of the many cool gifts she always bestowed upon me.) Whitney was headlining the Thomas & Mack Center at UNLV which seats nearly 19,000 and she had no opening act. We were so excited. No opening act to us meant she was going to sing for two hours straight! Her show sold out so quickly we almost ended up sitting at the top of the arena.

It was 1987, during her long, blond-half spiral-half crimped-half curly weave phase, clear in the video of her hit song “I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)” (which was No.1 on the Billboard Music charts for two weeks. Read about all her hits: Whitney Houston’s Biggest Billboard Hits: A Look at Her Legendary Chart Career.) She didn’t dance very well, also obvious in the video, so there was no big dance numbers with a couple dozen backup dancers. Nor did she have a lot of costume changes, pyrotechnics or recorded music. We didn’t get tickets to watch her dance, change clothes and lip-sync.

What she has, a concert experience in the round where she stood center wearing a tight-long metallic dress along a grand piano and she simply sang. At the time we were not very happy because we expected more, but tonight as I remember her music and acting legacy and how it affected me growing up, I appreciate the memory even more.

What is your most fond memory of Whitney Houston?

(August 9, 1963 – February 11, 2012)

I am sad.

Thank you for reading.

Adrienne xo

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