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Life Happens. The Hiatus is Over.

13 Aug
Mother and Sister who have passed on from this life
Mother Patti & Sister Carri – the loss of these two women shaped me into
who I am at this very moment.

It’s been six years and eight months since my last post about the loss of my first cousin Robert. Soon after life took a turn for the worst with so much damage. It started with the death of multiple pets, and then my mother, 11 months later, my sister, and in between numerous friends. To say the grief was relentless is an understatement. I persevered and fast forward to now, I have decided to start writing again.

For the next few months, my post will be about what good things did happen over the last few years personally (like turning 49 this July – which is difficult to say out loud sometimes because I do not look or feel my age) and in my business TwoGirlsConsulting (2GC) which I am breathing life into once again with great new clients and direction.

Life is worth living and keeps getting better every day. Go on this journey with me, and let’s enjoy it together.

Thank you for understanding.



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