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Any Reason is a Good Reason to Celebrate

30 Jan

I love the company of friends. I will find any reason to have a get together, and Chinese New Year made finding an excuse to celebrate easy. I tend to plan in my head weeks in advance what will be on the menu, who to invite, what I will wear, what music will be playing in the background, etc. In my mind, my gathering will look and feel like I hired David Tutera, then reality sets in and I am running around last-minute buying candles, flowers/plants, decorations, food, wine and spirits.

For this party, James and I had a buffet of Asian inspired dishes. Here is the menu and links to the recipes.

Asian inspired buffet

James & Adrienne

Rei Bollozos "I'm the only Asian in the room xo"

Adrienne & Jeff Pearson

Ryan Slattery & Adrienne

Blaze Gusic

Michael D Cook-Wood & David Castillo

My mom (Patti) and sister (Carri) are so silly

Mom & James with Stephen Stocks in the background

Patti trying sake for the first time

A2 & A1

Mochi is not my mother's favorite

Patti DOES NOT like Mochi (lol)

Carri & Ryan laughing at my mom

In the end, all that mattered was the love and laughs that was shared. What excuse do you use to have a cocktail party?

Thank you for reading.

Adrienne xo

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