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Three Never Looked So Good

7 Oct

Our little princess Brielle turned three on Monday, September 24 and this past Sunday we threw a baby bash for her with lots family and friends at Child’s Play Las Vegas. And since she doesn’t understand dates or time yet, we went with it; which leads me to how amazing something as simple as having a birthday party for a toddler can turn into a major event from finding the perfect birthday outfit (for her) to making sure the cake and decorations fall in line with the princess theme – a theme Brielle unknowingly chose since she started calling herself a princess two months ago – and with that the hunt was on.

Luckily for me, it was a no-brainer to call Pamela at The Cupcakery to make a special princess cake for my great-niece because I knew it was going to look and taste amazing, and once I made the call it was one less task to stress about. All I had to do was add some candles. The most difficult part was finding a black princess doll and next to impossible to find one with long black hair. Unfortunately and thankfully, there is one black Disney princess – Tiana from the 2009 film The Princess and the Frog but her hair is in a bun.

Nonetheless, she was the only black doll with a sweet demeanor and right for a child. I have no idea what has happened to the Barbie brand, but their dolls are too mature and that is putting it nicely. Needless to say, Brielle freaked out (for lack of a better term) once she saw her birthday cake. She screamed and kept trying to hug it. Her dad (my nephew Alex) had to put it high on a shelf next to cake pops made by her YaYa (my sister her grandmother) until she was preoccupied with guests arriving.

Child’s Play is a toddler’s dream with large Backyard Adventures™ jungle gyms atop tumbling mats next to a real mini  basketball court with one hoop. The facility is membership-based and offers classes like karate, dance, yoga, gymnastics and cheer accompanied by an in-house photography studio. It’s has three distinct areas depending on the child’s age along with an interactive video wall where kids can play a virtual basketball and other games. They also allow full rental of the space for private birthday parties which we opted to do not being members.

Thalia, Brielle’s mom

After an hour of playing it was time to eat, sing happy birthday and open presents. By that time we had been out of time so we purchased an extra hour to let the kids play a bit more and stuff themselves with candy. I think Brielle ate all the cake pops and we didn’t care because she was going home with her mother!

It was now 8 p.m. and I (along with every adult) was ready to go so we loaded up the presents kicked everyone out, paid the bill and had one of the best days we can remember.

 Happy Birthday Princess xo

Love Auntie Adrienne

Every Princess needs a wand

Enough with singing Happy Birthday to me. I am overwhelmed.

Stop singing Happy Birthday to me. You are all freaking me out!

Disney princess dresses and princess slippers a.k.a. “click clack” because they click when she walks in them …click, clack, click, clack, etc.

Daddy and his girl xo

my nephew Dorian a.k.a. “D,” sister Carri a.k.a. “YaYa,” niece Sierra a.k.a “CC,” nephew Mario a.k.a. “MoMo”, and my mini me Jassie a.k.a “Honey” – It’s so cute to hear Brielle call them by the nicknames she gave them.

Every girl needs a bag full of shoes. Thank you Nanny.

Ceciley, Keannice, Sierra and Candace

Brielle’s little half-sister Ms. Tia

Brielle’s grandfather, Thalia’s dad

Brielle playing with her aunt

Smiling BEFORE we sang Happy Birthday.

She loves fur just like her Nanny (those are faux)

Another tutu for the princess

Blue Eyes, a Dimple Chin and a Rewards Program

9 Aug

Evelyn Grace JohnsonMy lovely friend Lisa and her husband William recently added Evelyn Grace (a perfect tiny bundle with big blue Liam and Evelyn Grace Johnsoneyes and a dimple chin) to their family to join big brother Liam on his adventures in toddler hood. Of course I had to get this precious little bundle a gift, and I love buying baby clothes. I get a kick out of the miniature versions of adult clothing and shoes. Seriously, who can resist mini ruffles? I can’t.

Juicy Couture Kids - Girls' Ikat Floral Print Romper (Infant)So I headed to Saks Fifth Avenue’s Off Fifth because they have the most adorable baby section and their items are always really girly. And to my delight, the retailer also has a new and free rewards program called MORE! offering weekly deals. Just for signing up I received an additional 30 Saks Fifth Avenue’s Off Fifth  free rewards program MORE!percent off my final purchase (in the spirit of “back to school” through August 14 they are offering 30% off kids’ collections.) How cute is this Juicy Couture Kids – Girls’ Ikat Floral Print Romper (Infant)? Too much! I also got the matching Ikat floral print sandals.

Lisa and William JohnsonLisa didn’t know I had a present in tow the day I met Evelyn, plus she’s the type of person who doesn’t expect gifts.  Even before she was pregnant I pleaded with her to have a baby shower and she just laughed at me and said, “Okay we will have one. You will be the only guest.”  She’s a smart ass!

Thank You Card - Lisa Leishman JohnsonThe point of this story is her kind gesture of mailing me a thank you card. I believe in the ‘The Art of the Hand Written Note’ because it shows someone took the time to express their feelings and it means so much more than a quick email or a card you can buy at the store with a prewritten message a million other people received. So to my friend, I say Thank You for our friendship. It means the world to me too!

Adrienne xo

A Super Stylish Mother-To-Bee Shower

3 Jun

I’ve been to a few baby showers in my time and I have to admit I am not a fan of the traditional baby shower format. I hate when I have to guess how big the mother-to-be is in width. I’m sure she hates it too. Please don’t ask me to “diaper the baby” in a relay or team either. It’s a doll, not real and I would not use one hand in real life so what’s the point? However, when I received an unexpected invitation in the mail to attend Courtney Rogers-Werner’s Mother-To-Bee, I knew it was going to be a fabulous affair because she is super stylish. Upon arrival, I was given a mini safety-pin and a string to tie around my wrist and told “Don’t Say Baby,” the most popular game, and that was it. Just my type of party! The next time we played a game was right before she opened all her gifts of love. It was the memory game of guessing how many items and what they are on the tray. Whoever guessed the most won a nice gift. Congratulations to Ashley Bell.

If you plan on throwing an upscale baby shower here’s some helpful tips from Courtney’s celebration to make it extra special:

  1. Customize and mail the invite and require an RSVP.
  2. Have a fun yet sophisticated theme.
  3. Greet guest at the door and give any directions necessary.
  4. Limit the number of games to a select few.
  5. Cater the food.
  6. Hire a bartender to serve wine and champagne.
  7. Have groovy music.
  8. Hire a photographer or videographer.
  9. Make the cake amazing.
  10. Relax and have fun.

Thank you for reading.

Adrienne xo

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