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I Loved My 2008 Cadillac CTS Until I had to drive a 2012 CTS as a Loner

28 Feb

I took my car in for service at Findley Cadillac to replace the driver side mirror and check a few other issues that are cause for concern which I’m sure are unwarranted since I’m not a mechanic. I adore my service rep Mike G, but he is killing me making me drive a 2012 CTS as a loner car. Since the dealership ended their relationship with Enterprise, driving the newest models is now the only option and I am not complaining. I didn’t intend to purchase a car that day in August three years ago, especially since the sales rep tried to get me to buy a white CTS with obnoxiously large tires with matching gold rims and embellishments. I had to ask if he remembered I pulled up in a black 1999 Volvo S 70. And, what it was about me that gave him the impression that I wanted to drive a car that looked like I had a pimp as a boyfriend?

2009 Cadillac XLR

He obviously did not care about me the customer more than making a sale because he tried to get me to buy any and everything from the gigantic STS and DTS (I’m only 5’3) to the now defunct XLR that started at $100,000. Annoyed, I was about to leave until my black cherry colored car with 26 miles on it pulled on the lot and the rest is history.

2012 Cadillac CTS interior

I went nuts with upgrades. I have accessories I still don’t use or even know I have, and now they seem obsolete with all the modernizations. Some things my car doesn’t have and are now standard: Bluetooth, a finish grille, metal pedal covers, seat extensions for your legs, automatic adjustable pedals, heated steering wheel, dark wood trim, and touch screen navigation to name a few. What a difference a few years can make. To read about all the upgrades go to Car & Driver.

Thank you for reading.

Adrienne xo

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