Jungle Girl Discovered in Guilin, China

22 Feb

Rocky in the Chinese jungle

“I did a beer commercial while I was in China with superstar Jolin Tsai,” Rocky calmly sends an IM on Skype.

“What?!” I was shocked I’m just now hearing this exciting news, though I am not surprised. My beautiful friend lives with complete gusto. I wish I was more fearless like her. I’m working on recapturing my complete abandonment I had while in my 20s and 30s.

Never ceasing to make me laugh out loud, she Skyped, “I even made the Chinese media. They said a jungle girl was discovered in Guilin. I wandered off for one second during a Liquan Beer shoot, and a paparazzo thought I was native to the jungle.”

I wondered how that could happen in today, and then I thought about it, and well …

“Black girl running in the jungle in China… that’s not even right,” she said.

I can’t stop laughing. Then I see behind the scenes images, video and the last version (below) that went to air.

She was right. Not an everyday sight.



Thank you for reading
Adrienne xo

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