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I Loved My 2008 Cadillac CTS Until I had to drive a 2012 CTS as a Loner

28 Feb

I took my car in for service at Findley Cadillac to replace the driver side mirror and check a few other issues that are cause for concern which I’m sure are unwarranted since I’m not a mechanic. I adore my service rep Mike G, but he is killing me making me drive a 2012 CTS as a loner car. Since the dealership ended their relationship with Enterprise, driving the newest models is now the only option and I am not complaining. I didn’t intend to purchase a car that day in August three years ago, especially since the sales rep tried to get me to buy a white CTS with obnoxiously large tires with matching gold rims and embellishments. I had to ask if he remembered I pulled up in a black 1999 Volvo S 70. And, what it was about me that gave him the impression that I wanted to drive a car that looked like I had a pimp as a boyfriend?

2009 Cadillac XLR

He obviously did not care about me the customer more than making a sale because he tried to get me to buy any and everything from the gigantic STS and DTS (I’m only 5’3) to the now defunct XLR that started at $100,000. Annoyed, I was about to leave until my black cherry colored car with 26 miles on it pulled on the lot and the rest is history.

2012 Cadillac CTS interior

I went nuts with upgrades. I have accessories I still don’t use or even know I have, and now they seem obsolete with all the modernizations. Some things my car doesn’t have and are now standard: Bluetooth, a finish grille, metal pedal covers, seat extensions for your legs, automatic adjustable pedals, heated steering wheel, dark wood trim, and touch screen navigation to name a few. What a difference a few years can make. To read about all the upgrades go to Car & Driver.

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Condè Nast Traveler Gold List Party

23 Feb

Like I said before, any reason to get together with friends and celebrate is a good reason. Last month, a few of us had a great time inside Hyde Bellagio with Condè Nast Traveler magazine as the publication celebrated its eighteenth annual Gold List, a reader’s poll recognizing  elite resorts, cruise lines and hotel around the world.

Event model at Hyde Bellagio

Me and my boyfriend James who is a Process Improvement Analyst and Six Sigma Site Leader at Medco Health Solutions

Brad Masterson, Vice President Y Public Relations and his lovely wife Yvette, somewhere schmoozing, extended the invitation.

Director of Public Relations Harrah's Entertainment

The lovely Celena Haas, Director of Public Relations Harrah's Entertainment

Public Relations Manager Station Casinos, Dr. Blaze Gusic, MD

Jay Alpert, Public Relations Manager Station Casinos and partner Dr. Blaze Gusic, MD

Technical Service Manager CityCenter  Public Relations Director Nevada Ballet Theatre

Chris Kratochwill, Technical Service Manager CityCenter and his fashionable wife Jenn, Public Relations Director Nevada Ballet Theatre

Jenn, Me, Vegas Magazine Editor in Chief Abbey Tegnelia and Beth Schwartz editor at Luxury Magazine

Ogonna Atamoh Associate Attorney at Law at Santoro, Driggs, Walch, Kearney, Holley & Thompson and James

SBE Hyde Bellagio Director of Sales, Andrea Eppolito Events

Me with my sweet friend and recently engaged sbe Hyde Bellagio Director of Sales and owner of Andrea Eppolito Events

Me, James and my AKA Sorority sister Kenadie Cobbin-Richardson

Me, James and my AKA Sorority sister Kenadie Cobbin-Richardson

 Managing Editor at Onboard Media

My two favorite people Ryan Slattery, Managing Editor at Onboard Media and international traveler Rei Bollozos

Jennifer Ruliffson- Gross

Jennifer Ruliffson- Gross my friend from high school

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Adrienne xo

Jungle Girl Discovered in Guilin, China

22 Feb

Rocky in the Chinese jungle

“I did a beer commercial while I was in China with superstar Jolin Tsai,” Rocky calmly sends an IM on Skype.

“What?!” I was shocked I’m just now hearing this exciting news, though I am not surprised. My beautiful friend lives with complete gusto. I wish I was more fearless like her. I’m working on recapturing my complete abandonment I had while in my 20s and 30s.

Never ceasing to make me laugh out loud, she Skyped, “I even made the Chinese media. They said a jungle girl was discovered in Guilin. I wandered off for one second during a Liquan Beer shoot, and a paparazzo thought I was native to the jungle.”

I wondered how that could happen in today, and then I thought about it, and well …

“Black girl running in the jungle in China… that’s not even right,” she said.

I can’t stop laughing. Then I see behind the scenes images, video and the last version (below) that went to air.

She was right. Not an everyday sight.



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Adrienne xo

Chris Brown’s Grammy Backlash Turned Twitter Tantrum

16 Feb

Chris Brown had another Twitter tantrum. I am not surprised. He has a lot of backlash from his appearance and win at the Grammys. Is it fair? That is not for me to decide, however, I don’t recall massive outrage from Miranda Lambert when other musicians were in the news for domestic violence and were either nominated, won or performed on the Grammys. What I find hypocritical, I am sure Miranda Lambert and his other naysayers have attended many an award show, applauded, posed, talked, and had a good time with people who have been in the same appalling situation.

(photo credit: Great American Country)

Chris Brown is young, handsome, and talented with major anger management issues. That is obvious; yet, all of his critics seem to forget he is in the process of satisfying the courts and is working hard to redeem himself and is still under court ordered supervision. Controlling anger will more than likely be a lifelong process for him.

Country star Rodney Atkins (American Country Music Awards winner) struck a deal to avoid jail time for allegations of trying to suffocate his wife last year; Mötley Crüe has been nominated four times for a Grammy and drummer Tommy Lee spent six months in jail for beating Pamela Anderson Lee; Guns N’ Roses was nominated three times and lead singer Axel Rose had to pay his ex-model girlfriends Erin Everly ($1 million) Stephanie Seymore ($400,000) for physical altercations during their relationships; country music’s Tracey Lawrence was arrested in Las Vegas for hitting his wife Stacie Lawrence; even Eminem and the  late ‘Godfather of Soul’ James Brown made headlines over the years. The list goes on.

(photo credit:

It’s been reported; Rihanna, the woman who actually suffered the assault and the only person whose opinion he should care about has forgiven him and invited him to her recent birthday party. Miranda Lambert should learn the lesson on forgiveness from RiRi.

Do you agree with the backlash from Chris Brown performing at the Grammys?

Thank you for reading.

Adrienne xo

Why I Appreciate Whitney Houston

11 Feb

Me & Serina circa early 90s in her birthday suite at MGM Grand Hotel & Casino

I remember being able to see Whitney Houston in concert as a gift from my best friend Serina (one of the many cool gifts she always bestowed upon me.) Whitney was headlining the Thomas & Mack Center at UNLV which seats nearly 19,000 and she had no opening act. We were so excited. No opening act to us meant she was going to sing for two hours straight! Her show sold out so quickly we almost ended up sitting at the top of the arena.

It was 1987, during her long, blond-half spiral-half crimped-half curly weave phase, clear in the video of her hit song “I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me)” (which was No.1 on the Billboard Music charts for two weeks. Read about all her hits: Whitney Houston’s Biggest Billboard Hits: A Look at Her Legendary Chart Career.) She didn’t dance very well, also obvious in the video, so there was no big dance numbers with a couple dozen backup dancers. Nor did she have a lot of costume changes, pyrotechnics or recorded music. We didn’t get tickets to watch her dance, change clothes and lip-sync.

What she has, a concert experience in the round where she stood center wearing a tight-long metallic dress along a grand piano and she simply sang. At the time we were not very happy because we expected more, but tonight as I remember her music and acting legacy and how it affected me growing up, I appreciate the memory even more.

What is your most fond memory of Whitney Houston?

(August 9, 1963 – February 11, 2012)

I am sad.

Thank you for reading.

Adrienne xo

Pinterest is My New Obsession

10 Feb

I love Pinterest. It’s the most fun I’ve had online in a long time. It’s so simple to share all my likes and dislikes in a story of pictures. I’d heard about the new social site taking the world by storm one pin at a time, but never checked it out. My new fixation started last week when my childhood friend Robbie Streitenberger sent me an invite to join via Facebook.

I looked around the site and had not a clue what to do next. I was so confused. I couldn’t find any directions, and it’s in Beta. All I kept thinking “I thought this was supposed to be easy? At least, that’s what everyone been saying.”

Luckily for me a couple of days later, Eleanor Prior of Your Virtual Girl Fridaysent an email about her webinar ‘The Virtual Pinboard or Should I Say Vortex That Is Pinterest My New Love!’  and I quickly signed up. She walked me and a ton of other folks through a step-by-step process of how to fall in love with Pinterest. And the rest is history, so I thought… now if I can just figure out how to remove images from the wrong board without deleting them all together.

My Pinterest page

Thankfully, I have a bunch of friends (Lisa J, Rocky, Nikky, Lisa S) all well versed in everything Pinterest. Click on their names and follow them on Pinterest too!


Happy pinning and thank you for reading.

Adrienne xo



As Football Season Ends I Think of My Father

5 Feb

My father Frank Hester

As this year’s football season ends with a Super Bowl XLVI rematch between the New England Patriots vs. New York Giants, I can’t help but think of my father and what was his football career. He was a sensation from the first time he put on cleats in the small town of Clinton, Oklahoma. When he was growing up, Clinton had one school for all grade levels. He graduated one year before they built what is known today as the ‘Tornado Dome.’

SCSC Varsity Letterman Sweater

SCSC Varsity Sweater

Last summer, my family accompanied him to his school reunion (which turned into an impromptu family reunion) and stories about my father being an All-State and All-Conference player are still told today. He has football records that are unbroken at Clinton High School and at Southern Colorado State College (SCSC, then called the Indians) and now Colorado State University–Pueblo home of the ThunderWolves. Where he lettered  all four years and received his varsity sweater.

Somewhere in my mother’s garage are his Letterman jackets – one is from a bowl game and the other is All-Conference along with multiple letters of interest from the NFL (if I can find the jackets and letters, I’ll add images.)  Unfortunately, the Vietnam War happened.

Here are some photos my mom recently brought back from Colorado.  His “Potential All-American” article ends with the mention of my parent’s wedding.

Thank you for reading.

Adrienne xo

No More Love, Peace & Soul

1 Feb

Don Cornelius circa 1970s

I woke up today to a report of the passing of iconic “Soul Train” television host Don Cornelius, “found dead of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. He was 75”, according to the Associated Press.

For me, as I am sure for many black people, Cornelius was more than just a host on music television show; he was a visionary opening a door for black entertainers to perform to the masses on their own terms. From the way we walked, talked dressed and lived life, he made being black cooler than ever. Before “Soul Train” all we had was “American Bandstand” and let’s just say it was not about us.

I was born in July of 1970 the same year “Soul Train” began airing in Chicago before going national in 1971, so by the time I was in elementary school it was available everywhere.  Growing up, “Soul Train” was appointment television in the homes of every black person I knew. It was the place to learn the latest dances like the penguin, hustle, robot, bump, locking and the most popular dance of them all, the “Soul Train” line (Cornelius only danced down the line twice in all his years as the host); ‘til this day, I can’t attend a family BBQ, birthday party, wedding or funeral without everyone breaking into the “Soul Train” line before the night is over.

The show was also an outlet to learn what was in or out of fashion. Bell bottoms, gauchos, dashiki and a natural, Afro puffs or micro braids with beads and gold hair accessories? A blowout with big curls and gelled down baby hair will gel, a Cleopatra bob or ponytails? Or heavy wooden platforms sandals and platform tennis shoes with a rainbow sole?

Robin Thicke

“Soul Train” let me hear and see Barry White, Marvin Gaye, Chaka Khan Rufus, The Jackson Five, and The Isley Brothers; and blue-eyed soul acts like Tower of Power, Teena Marie, David Bowie and Hall & Oats, long before there was George Michael, Robin Thicke, or a Justin Timberlake.

Don Cornelius

Whatever the reason Don Cornelius decided to take his own life is not important to me. What is important was his contribution to American culture, music and changing the face of television forever. And for this I want to say cheers and you will be missed.

Thank you for reading.

Adrienne xo

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