The Art of the Hand Written Note

23 Dec

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The holiday season is a time of year when people become more sentimental. Guilt sets in and the need to show more love becomes overwhelming. An easy way to fix this urge, is writing a hand written note. The benefits are endless. It’s satisfying and rewarding and in this age of instant gratification, a hand written note takes patience – making it personable. It takes time to pen a message. Professionally, it separates you and/or your business from the multitude of gift baskets, cupcakes, sugar cookies and e-Cards sent to clients. Personally, it’s another way of expressing love… the list is endless.

In the New Year, make it a point to take the time to write a handwritten note and express how much others mean to you.

Thank you for reading, even though this is in a blog and typed on a computer, #irony.

Adrienne xo

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