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Goodbye 2011. Hello 2012…

29 Dec

It’s time to take a look back at the year that was, and start celebrating the year to come. What had an impact you in 2011 and what are you looking toward in 2012?

Thank you for reading and Happy New Year!
Adrienne xo

A Las Vegas Family Christmas

26 Dec

Disney's The Lion King at Mandalay Bay (Source: Mandalay Bay)

On December 23rd my entire family went to see Disney’s award-winning Broadway production The Lion King at Mandalay Bay (a Christmas present from my mother) before it leaves Las Vegas on December 30th. I was fortunate enough to see this show during its opening week as part of the media back in 2008. I loved it then and looked forward to seeing it one last time.

Most exciting, my two year-old great-niece attended as well. I was a bit worried the puppets would freak her out and the ticket would go to waste (my mother had to pay full price for a “lap child” – yikes!), but she loved it along with all the other little children in attendance. Only few melt downs toward the end from other tikes, which was completely okay since it’s the full version.

IPI 'N TOMBI. Original Cast Recording. Hinged Double Album. Cover (Source:

The last time we went to see an acclaimed Broadway production as a family was in the late 1970s when my parents took me and my siblings to see Ipi N’tombi: A South African Music Celebration at the Riviera Hotel & Casino. I remember that night as if it was yesterday. My sister still has the original LP (although the image is not her album.)

Christmas this year was wonderful and full of joy and a focus on family and a new generation to share lasting memories. It was our little version of Circle of Life (yes, I went there.)

Brielle (great niece), Alex (nephew)

Sierra (niece), Mario (niece), Jaslynne (niece)

Carri (sister), Frank Sr. (dad), James (boyfriend)

Patti (mom)

Mario, Sr. (brother-in-law)

Thank you for reading

Adrienne xo

The Art of the Hand Written Note

23 Dec

Meisterstück Classique Ballpoint Pen ($385) , Meisterstück 149 Fountain Pen ($810)

The holiday season is a time of year when people become more sentimental. Guilt sets in and the need to show more love becomes overwhelming. An easy way to fix this urge, is writing a hand written note. The benefits are endless. It’s satisfying and rewarding and in this age of instant gratification, a hand written note takes patience – making it personable. It takes time to pen a message. Professionally, it separates you and/or your business from the multitude of gift baskets, cupcakes, sugar cookies and e-Cards sent to clients. Personally, it’s another way of expressing love… the list is endless.

In the New Year, make it a point to take the time to write a handwritten note and express how much others mean to you.

Thank you for reading, even though this is in a blog and typed on a computer, #irony.

Adrienne xo

Every Girl Needs a Photo Shoot

22 Dec

A year ago, Niche Media reached out to me to submit for their annual Vegas Magazine summer issue feature called Las Vegas Black Book 2010 (a profile of successful single professionals.) I was not included in the feature after submitting images, however I had the best time at my last-minute photo shoot with Rocky Nash Photography and makeup by Stephanie Peterson.

Adrienne Hester, Publicist, Profile Photoshoot

22 Dec

Adrienne Hester, Publicist, Profile Photo-shoot.

There’s no other girl. Just my alter ego.

17 Dec

“Two girls consulting. I like that… so who’s the other girl?”



“There is no other girl… it’s my alter ego.”

“Clever. I like that.”

“Thank you.”

I’m often asked about the “other girl” in my company. Originally, there was another girl. It didn’t work out.

Next question. “How did you come up with the name?” It actually happened on a whim. Me and the unnamed former friend were having a conversation of how we could leverage our talents and make money at the same time. She threw out a name then I threw out a name and neither of us thought either were compelling. Then I said “we are two girls who consult …” and a company was born.

Thank you for reading xo


Why I started to journal my Las Vegas life…

13 Dec
English: Las Vegas Strip

Las Vegas Strip. Photo Source: Wikipedia

I started this journal because I am fortunate to do some really cool things living in Las Vegas, and I would like to share my experiences as I go about my daily life owning a mighty-little marketing communications and events consulting company called TwoGirlsConsulting, LLC (2GC). I started my company back in January of 2008 after working in corporate America. It has been a life of ups and downs ever since, yet I don’t regret one moment of it.

I love to write and should have started this journal of my activities years ago when I worked for Greenspun Media Group in the marketing department as a publicist/brand manager. We had the best celebrity rich parties and events on a weekly basis. Media people are fun – a breed of their own so to speak. However, that party ended in March of 2008 when my position was outsourced. Since then, I jumped the fence and became a journalist with Kellogg Media Group (What’s On Las Vegas/ What’s On Atlantic City) and The Greater Las Vegas Media Group (SOREAL Magazine/SOREAL Network) all while trying to grow 2GC.

My posts will be a mixture of marketing communication and event tips, trial and errors I have learned over the years along with bits of me thrown in between.

Thanks for reading xo


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